Residential Demand Response Aggregation

The recent large-scale integration of renewable energies in electric power systems has resulted in a growing need for incorporation of flexibility to mitigate the various challenges brought by these resources for power system operations. Flexibility can be mobilize by means of residential demand response programs.  In this project, priority service pricing along with multilevel demand subscription are the two studied demand response scheme. Both programs view electricity as a service with different quality. For priority service pricing, electricity is differentiated through reliability: higher price means a higher reliability. On the other hand, multilevel demand subscription further differentiates electricity by duration. A popular implementation of priority service pricing is based on a color-tagging system with three levels of reliability:

  • Green is the cheapest electricity but also the less reliable
  • Orange power can only be interrupted in emergency conditions
  • Red is the most reliable color but also the most expensive

This project focuses on the impact of these demand response schemes on the consumer comfort and electricity bills. Here comfort is represented by appliances delays. In order to assess consumer satisfaction, a home energy management system is used to schedule consumer loads within the house while taking into account particular information related with the considered demand response programs.

Illustration of the use of a home energy router for scheduling consumer appliances within a household under priority service pricing.

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