Sponsored by the European Commission

FEVER will implement and demonstrate solutions and services that leverage flexibility towards offering electricity grid services that address problems of the distribution grid, thus enabling it to function in a secure and resilient manner. The project budget amounts to approximately 10 million €. The role of UCLouvain in the project is to develop a real-time market clearing platform for trading flexibility in the form of activated balancing energy and congestion management which produces DLMPs at the medium-voltage level while accounting for block bids and non-convex power flows.

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Sponsored by the European Research Council

ICEBERG is a research project sponsored by the European Research Council under the 2019 Starting Grant funding cycle (ERC-STG-2019). The project runs for 5 years effective November 2020. ICEBERG focuses on the integration of distribution systems to power system operations and electricity markets.

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Sponsored by the Belgian Federal Public Service of Economy

The EPOC project under the energy transition fund combines the expertise of 14 Belgian academic partners to improve the current state-of-the art energy models, providing a consistent calculation for the long-term energy future in Belgium. UCLouvain contributes to this agenda by investigating the contribution of demand response to the future Belgian electricity market.

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Francqui Foundation Research Professorship

Sponsored by Francqui foundation

The Francqui Foundation grants a mandate from Francqui Research Professor at the University for a period of 3 years (2018-2021), a period of 2 years, followed by a third year after approval by the Foundation during the course of the mandate. With this mandate, the Foundation gives the opportunity to a professor or a young researcher to dedicate himself to research, with a reduced teaching assignment. The mandate is aimed at researchers, for whom a reduction of the teaching assignment represents added value for the university of the candidate; it is aimed, in particular, at professors or young researchers of an exceptionally high level, whose research is part of a current and interesting field of research and whose scientific and international influence contributes to an elevated standing of the Institution.

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Bauchau Prize

Sponsored by UCLouvain

The proposal titled “Using Analytics and Optimization to Enable Africa to Leapfrog to the Energy Systems of the Future” has been funded by the generous contribution of the Bauchau family to the Fondation Louvain in the context of the Bauchau Prize. The project is currently focusing at developing state-of-the-art optimization methods for the management of hydroelectric resources, which are an important source of energy supply in Africa.

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Sponsored by ENGIE-Electrabel

The ColorPower project aims at developing aggregator business models that can mobilize the active engagement of residential demand response in electricity markets. The project is inspired by the theory of non-linear pricing for defining services that aggregators may offer to residential consumers based on pure capacity charges (priority service) or capacity and energy charges (multi-level demand subscription).

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