Statnett Publishes Balancing Report

The Norwegian TSO Statnett has published a report that was prepared with colleagues at N-SIDE on the challenges that are raised from zonal network modeling in the EU balancing platforms, and certai...

Former Group Member Wins ARPA-E GO Competition

In 2018, the Secretary of Energy of the United States, Rick Perry, announced the ARPA-E Grid Optimization competition. The first phase of the competition was aimed at solving the security constrain...

EPRI presentation on EU versus US markets

I am delivering a presentation on European markets 101 and comparison with US market structure for the EPRI ISO/RTO Market Design Tech Webcast Series. The presentation provides a descript...

FEVER EU Project

Our group has been awarded funding for the FEVER project by the European Commission under the LC-SC3 funding scheme.

ICEBERG in UCLouvain news

The ICEBERG project is featured in the UCLouvain news. The motivation of the project is explained in a very nice article in ScienceToday by Candice Leblanc.

Scarcity Prices Published in Belgium

The Belgian TSO ELIA publishes previous-day scarcity prices for Belgium.