T&D Coordination

The integration of renewable energy resources presents novel challenges which will need to be tackled in order to achieve the ambitious and immediate renewable energy integration goals that have been set by policy makers worldwide. One major challenge relates to the fact that distribution networks, with increasing amounts of distributed renewable resources, are no longer only consuming power generated by the transmission network, but also producing power through distributed renewable resources (such as solar panels), and also hosting direct and indirect storage (e.g. in the form of deferrable demand or electric vehicles). According to the present paradigm, which is rapidly changing, one system operator is in charge of the high-voltage transmission network, the Transmission System Operator (TSO), whereas the distribution network typically absorbs the production. Distribution loads are aggregated at a transmission bus and the optimization of power generation is performed at the transmission level.

With the integration of distributed renewable energy resources and distributed sources of flexibility, there is an increasing need for accounting for the low and medium-voltage distribution network in short-term operations. By ignoring the short-term operating constraints of distribution networks, which has been the predominant paradigm to date, the system is limited in the extent to which it can absorb distributed renewable energy connected to the distribution network. Because of the uncertain nature of renewable energy sources and flexibility mechanisms like demand-side management, the Distribution System Operator (DSO) will need to assume a more active role in operating the network. In the coming years, the objective will be to maintain the existing quality of service in the supply of power, while utilizing renewable resources to the greatest possible extent.

In this project, we propose concrete coordination schemes for TSO-DSO as well as a platform aiming at clearing the real-time market by taking into account both transmission and distribution systems.

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