Francqui Foundation Research Professorship

Anthony Papavasiliou has received the 2018-2021 Francqui Foundation research professorship.

Quoting from the Francqui Foundation web page :

The Francqui Foundation grants a mandate from Francqui Research Professor at the University for a period of 3 years (2018-2021), a period of 2 years, followed by a third year after approval by the Foundation during the course of the mandate. With this mandate, the Foundation gives the opportunity to a professor or a young researcher to dedicate himself to research, with a reduced teaching assignment.

The mandate is aimed at researchers, for whom a reduction of the teaching assignment represents added value for the university of the candidate; it is aimed, in particular, at professors or young researchers of an exceptionally high level, whose research is part of a current and interesting field of research and whose scientific and international influence contributes to an elevated standing of the Institution.

Professor Papavasiliou will use this opportunity in order to advance the research within his PhD group, and strengthen collaborations with international research teams.