Statnett Publishes Balancing Report

The Norwegian TSO Statnett has published a report that was prepared with colleagues at N-SIDE on the challenges that are raised from zonal network modeling in the EU balancing platforms, and certai...

Former Group Member Wins ARPA-E GO Competition

In 2018, the Secretary of Energy of the United States, Rick Perry, announced the ARPA-E Grid Optimization competition. The first phase of the competition was aimed at solving the security constrain...

EPRI presentation on EU versus US markets

I am delivering a presentation on European markets 101 and comparison with US market structure for the EPRI ISO/RTO Market Design Tech Webcast Series. The presentation provides a descript...

FEVER EU Project

Our group has been awarded funding for the FEVER project by the European Commission under the LC-SC3 funding scheme.

Scarcity Prices Published in Belgium

The Belgian TSO ELIA publishes previous-day scarcity prices for Belgium.

CREG Publishes UCLouvain Report on Scarcity Pricing

The Belgian regulator publishes a report with our study, that proposes the introduction of a real-time market for reserve capacity in Belgium

ERC Starting Grant

I have been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for the ICEBERG proposal.

Quentin Lété Wins FNRS

Quentin Lété is awarded an FNRS doctoral fellowship, awarded by the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique. Congratulations Quentin!